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Topic 1
Organic Conductors and Superconductors

"Molecular Lego for Spintronics and Quantum Information"

Gabriel Aeppli (PSI, Switzerland)

"Molecular Bilayer Conductors (CNB-EDT-TTF)4X; Progresses in New Prototype of 2D Metals"

Manuel Almeida (Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal)

"Chiral Conductors based on Alkylated EDT-TTF and Metal Dithiolenes"

Narcis Avarvari (Univ. of Angers, France)

"Superconducting Phases in Molecular Solids"

Stuart Brown (UCLA, USA)

"Crystallization and Vitrification of Strongly Correlated Electrons on A Geometrically Frustrated Triangular Lattice"

Kenichiro Hashimoto (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

"Angular Magnetoresistance of Quasi-One-Dimensional Organic Conductors at Very High Magnetic Field and Rapid Oscillations"

Woun Kang (Ewha Womans Univ., Korea)

"Development of Single Component Molecular Conductors"

Reizo Kato (RIKEN, Japan)

"Evidence for Electronically-Driven Ferroelectricity in The Dimerized Molecular Conductor κ-(BEDT-TTF)2Hg(SCN)2Cl"

Michael Lang (Goethe Univ. Frankfurt, Germany)

"Single Componentmolecular Conductors : Neutral Radical Gold Bis(Dithiolene) Complexes"

Dominique Lorcy (Univ. of Rennes, France)

"Universal Phase Diagram of The λ, λ’and λ’’ Salts"

Noriaki Matsunaga (Hokkaido Univ., Japan)

"Exchange Interactions in Molecular Materials"

Ben Powell (Univ. of Queensland, Australia)

"μSR of Layered Molecular Conductors: from Vortex Phases in Superconductors to Quantum Critical Phases in Spin Liquids"

Francis Pratt (ISIS-STFC, UK)

"Genuine Mott Transition in Spin Liquids: Quantum Fluctuations, Superconductivity and Fermi Liquid"

Andrej Pustogow (Univ. of Stuttgart, Germany)

"D-PTM Dyads: From Switched Molecular Self-Assembly in Solution to Radical Conductors in Solid State"

Concepció Rovira (Inst. of Material Science of Barcelona (ICMAB-CSIC), Spain)

"Transport Phenomena in Molecular Massless Dirac Electron Systems with Tilted Cones "

Naoya Tajima (Toho Univ., Japan)

"Role of Frustration and Disorder in The Competition Between Antiferromagnetism and Quantum Spin Liquid of Organic Charge-Transfer Mott Insulators"

Silvia Tomić (Univ. of Zagreb, Croatia)

"Exploration of Molecular Conductors with Hydrogen-Bond Dynamics"

Akira Ueda (The Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)

"Fulde-Ferrell-Larkin-Ovchinnikov Phase in Highly Two-Dimensional Organic Superconductors"

Shinya Uji (NIMS & Univ. of Tsukuba, Japan)

"Spin-Imbalanced Superconductivity in Layered Organic Superconductors"

Jochen Wosnitza (Univ. of Tech. Dresden, Germany)
Topic 2
π-Conjugated Molecules

"Conjugated Polymers-Based Multifunctional Materials with Stimuli-Responsive Helical Structures and Chiroptical Properties"

Kazuo Akagi (Ritsumeikan Univ., Japan)

"Extreme OLED Phosphors: Design and Applications"

Yun Chi (National Tshing Hwa Univ., Taiwan)

"Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescence Dopants and Hosts: from The Design Strategy to Organic Light-Emitting Diode Applications"

Dong Hoon Choi (Korea Univ., Korea)

"Charge Separation and Collection in Organic Solarcells"

James R. Durrant (Imperial College London, UK)

"π-Conjugated and Deconjugated (Macro)molecules for Charge Transport and Light Processing"

Antonio Facchetti (Northwestern Univ., USA)

"High Performance Solution-Processed Perovskite Solar Cells via Device Engineering and Novel Materials"

Xiong Gong (Univ. of Akron, USA)

"On-Surface Synthesis of 1-Dimensional p-Conjugated Carbon Systems"

Oliver Gröning (EMPA , Switzerland)

"Effects of Spin States on Photovoltaic and Light-Emitting Actions in Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Perovskites"

Bin Hu (Univ. of Tennessee, USA)

"Novel Donor-Acceptor Conjugated Polymers for High-Performance Polymer Solar Cells"

Fei Huang (South China Univ. of Tech., China)

"Semiconducting Polymers Using New Donating and Accepting Building Blocks for Organic Photovoltaic Cells"

Do-Hoon Hwang (Pusan Nat’l Univ., Korea)

"Multi-Junction Polymer Solar Cells: Status and Challenges"

Rene Janssen (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands)

"Rational Molecular and Interface Engineering for High-Performance Non-Fullerene and Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells"

Alex Jen (City Univ. of Hong Kong, China)

"Impact of Side Chain Engineering and Molecular Weight Control of Polymer Acceptors in All-Polymer Solar Cells"

Bumjoon Kim (KAIST, Korea)

"Design and Synthesis of Quinoidal Molecules for Organic Electronic Devices"

Dong-Yu Kim (Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology, Korea)

"Tuning of Ferromagnetic Spin Interactions in Oligo- and Polyary lamines via Modification of Their π-Conjugated Systems"

Irena Kulszewicz-Bajer (Warsaw Univ. of Tech., Poland)

"Side-Chain Engineering of Photovoltaic Materials for High Performance Polymer Solar Cells"

Yongfang Li (Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

"Singlet Fission: Free Triplets versus The Triplet-Triplet Biexciton"

Sumit Mazumdar (The Univ. of Arizona, USA)

"Low Conformational Disorder Semiconducting Polymers for Transistor Applications"

Iain McCulloch (King Abdullah Univ. of Sci. and Tech. (KAUST), Saudi Arabia)

"Graphene Nanoribbons as “Best of Two Worlds” between Graphenes and Conjugated Polymers"

Klaus Müllen (MPI-P, Germany)

"Close-Packed Organic Semiconductors Designed for Ideal Field-Effect Transistor Characteristics"

Jeong-il Park (Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology, Korea)

"Rational Design of Conducting Polymers: Origin of Charge Hopping, Green Processing, and Solar Cell Application with High Stability and High Efficiency"

Taiho Park (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, Korea)

"Toward High Performance Organic Solar Cells: Development of Conjugated Polymers"

Hae Jung Son (KIST, Korea)

"Thiophene-Fused Naphthalene Diimides: New Building Blocks for Electron Deficient π-Functional Materials"

Kazuo Takimiya (RIKEN, Japan)

"Regioisomeric π-conjugated Molecules for Optoelectronic Device Applications"

Han Young Woo (Korea Univ., Korea)

"From Discrete Metal-Ligand Motifs To Supramolecular Assembly, Nanostructures and Light-Enabled Functions"

Vivian Yam (The Univ. of Hong Kong, China)

"Temperature Dependent Aggregation Enables Efficient Fullerene and Non-Fullerene Organic Solar Cells - A New Path toward Next Generation Organic Solar Cells"

He Yan (The Hong Kong Univ. of Sci. and Tech., China)

"Fused-Ring Electron Acceptors for High-Performance Organic Solar Cells"

Xiaowei Zhan (Peking Univ., China)
Topic 3
Organic Electronics and Optoelectronics

"Emerging Guidelines for The Design of Organic Semiconductors"

Guillermo C. Bazan (UC Santa Barbara, USA)

"Non Fullerene Acceptor - Donor Bulk Heterojunction Composites: Insight into The Fundamental Mechanisms Suppressing Non-Radiative Recombination and Governing Low Voc Losses"

Christoph Brabec (Univ. of Erlangen-Nürnberg, Germany)

"Tuning Conjugated Polymer Optoelectronic Properties via Molecular Conformation"

Donal D. C. Bradley (Univ. of Oxford, UK)

"Molecular and Electronic Structure of Advanced π-Conjugated Materials: Insight from The Vibrational Spectra"

Chiara Castiglioni (Polytechnic Univ. of Milan, Italy)

"Ion Gel-Gated Vertical Graphene Schottky Barrier Transistors on Plastic"

Jeong Ho Cho (Sungkyunkwan Univ., Korea)

"Air-Stable Ultrahigh and Ultralow Work-Function Doped Conducting Polymer Systems for Ohmichole and Electron Contacts"

Peter Ho (National Univ. of Singapore, Singapore)

"Femtosecond Spin Dynamics in Molecular Magnets"

Olof Johansson (The Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)

"Synthesis and Applications of Conducting Polymer Nanofibers and Oligomers"

Richard B. Kaner (UCLA, USA)

"Printable OLEDs for Displays and Lighting"

Junji Kido (Yamagata Univ., Japan)

"Non-Fullerene Acceptors - Molecular Origin of Photostability and Its Impact on Solar Cell Performance"

Ji-Seon Kim (Imperial College London, UK)

"High-Efficiency Photovoltaic Cells with Semi-Crystalline and Wide Optical Band Gap Polymers"

Jin Young Kim (UNIST, Korea)

"Small-Molecule, Low-Voltage p-Channel and n-Channel Organic Thin-Film Transistors for Flexible Organic Circuits"

Hagen Klauk (MPI-FKF, Germany)

"Electroactive Composite Materials for Supercapacitors"

Carita Kvarnström (Univ. of Turku, Finland)

"Highly Efficient Deep Blue Thermally Activated Delayed Fluorescent Emitter"

Jang Hyuk Kwon (Kyung Hee Univ., Korea)

"Dark Currents Reduction Strategies of OPDs for X-ray Image Sensor Application by Controlling Molecular Orientation of Polymers and Interfacial Modifiers"

Changjin Lee (KRICT, Korea)

"Multi-Layered Polymer Solar Cells Utilizing Spontaneous Spreading Process"

Jung-Yong Lee (KAIST, Korea)

"Organic Field-Effect Transistors based on Semiconducting Donor-Acceptor Polymers"

Yunqi Liu (Academian of Chinese Academy of Sciences, China)

"The Photophysics of TADF OLED Materials"

Andy Monkman (Durham Univ., UK)

"Understanding Open-Circuit Voltage of Organic Solar Cells"

Thuc-Quyen Nguyen (UC Santa Barbara, USA)

"Solid-State Electrolyte-Gated Insulator for Low-Voltage and High Performance Organic Field-Effect Transistors"

Yong-Young Noh (Dongguk Univ., Korea)

"Flexible and Stretchable FET-Type Sensors based on Organic and Polymeric Materials"

Joon Hak Oh (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, Korea)

"Alternating Current Electroluminescence for Stimuli-interactive Sensing Display"

Cheolmin Park (Yonsei Univ., Korea)

"Fully Printing Film Organic Light-Emitting Diode Displays"

Junbiao Peng (South China Univ. of Tech., China)

"Recent Advances in Organic Semiconductor Lasers: Membrane Lasers Andvortex Beams"

Ifor Samuel (Univ. of St Andrews, UK)

"Hole Transporting Materials for Efficient and Stable Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Perovskite Solar Cells"

Jangwon Seo (KRICT, Korea)

"Optoelectronic Processes at Organic Heterojunction"

Nir Tessler (Technion, Israel)

"Relating Polymer Synthesis and Structure to Solar Cell Performance"

Barry C. Thompson (University of Southern, USA)
Topic 4
Ordered Carbon Materials, 2D Materials and NEMS

"Photonic Properties of Graphene-Based Supramolecular Self-Assembled Architectures"

André-Jean Attias (Univ. of Pierre and Marie Cuire, France)

"Dimensional Organic Structures for Energy Conversion and Storage "

Jong-Beom Baek (UNIST, Korea)

"Revealing Topological Edge States in Bismuth Nanowires by Proximity Induced Superconductivity"

Helene Bouchiat (Univ. of Paris-Sud, Orsay, France)

"Molecular Maracas: A Multi-State Switch with Li@C60"

Eleanor Campbell (The Univ. of Edinburgh, UK)

"Dirac Semimetal Phase of Two-Dimensional Black Phosphorus"

Hyoung Joon Choi (Yonsei Univ., Korea)

"Two-dimensional Materials: Physics and Applications"

Marija Drndic (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA)

"Plasmons and Sensing in Graphene Devices"

Mikael Fogelström (Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden)

"Twisted Bilayers of Folded Graphene"

Rolf Haug (Leibniz Univ. of Hanover, Germany)

"“Beyond”Graphene-Enabled Nano/Bio Hybrids for Programmable Chemical Detection"

A. T. Charlie Johnson (Univ. of Pennsylvania, USA)

"Mechanically Induced Thermal Breakdown in Magnetic Shuttle Structures"

Mats Jonson (Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden)

"High Thermal Durable Silk-Based Electronic Textiles for Energy Harvesting"

Byung Hoon Kim (Incheon Univ., Korea)

"Large Anomalous Hall Current Induced by Topological Nodal Lines in A Ferromagnetic Van Der Waals Material"

Jun Sung Kim (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, Korea)

"Graphene Oxide Liquid Crystal and Relevant Functional Nanostructures"

Sang Ouk Kim (KAIST, Korea)

"Science of Macroscopically Self-Aligned Carbon Nanotubes"

Junichiro Kono (Rice Univ., USA)

"Graphene at The Charge Neutrality Point: Sensing at Terahertz Frequency Domain"

Sergey Kubatkin (Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden)

"Topological Phases in Thin Films of Materials with Inverted Band Structures"

Feodor Kusmartsev (Loughborough Univ., UK)

"Valley-Symmetric Carrier Guiding in Ballistic Graphene"

Hu-Jong Lee (Pohang Univ. of Science and Technology, Korea)

"2-Dlike Growth of Metals on Supported Graphene Surfaces and Its Applications"

Jeong-O Lee (KRICT, Korea)

"Graphene Based NEMS; Physics and Applications"

Sang Wook Lee (Ewha Womans Univ., Korea)

"FBAR Devices for Gravimetric and Bio-Sensing Applications"

William I. Milne (University of Cambridge, UK)

"Characteristic Frequency Dependence of Optical Conductivity in Topological Semimetals"

Hongki Min (Seoul National Univ., Korea)

"Experimentally Tuning Graphene's Pseudospin Polarization and Valley Splitting"

Markus Morgenstern (RWTH Aachen Univ., Germany)

"Gate Induced Superconductivity in Transition Metal Dichalcogenides"

Alberto Morpurgo (Univ. of Geneva, Switzerland)

"Spin Precession in Spin-Orbit Coupled Weak Links: Coulomb Repulsion and Pauli Quenching"

Robert Shekhter (Univ. of Gothenburg, Sweden)

"Ultrafast Diffusion and Superdense Ordering of Lithium in A Single Van Der Waals Gap"

Jurgen Smet (MPI-FKF, Germany)

"Inside Graphene Devices"

Clemens Winkelmann (Institut NEEL, CNRS-UGA, France)
Topic 5
Bioinspired Materials and Applications

"Engineering Around Heavy Atom Effect: Toward PDT and Theranostic"

Chantal Andraud (ENS-Lyon, France)

"An Innovative Tool for Exploring The Bio-World based on The Charge Detection Ability of Organic Field Effect Devices"

Annalisa Bonfiglio (Univ. of Cagliari, Italy)

"Nanobioelectronic Device Composed of Biohybrid Materials toward Biosensor and Biocomputing"

Jeong-Woo Choi (Sogang Univ., Korea)

" Single Molecule Detection of Roadblocks on Refolding DNA Hairpins "

Vincent Croquette (LPS, ENS, France)

"Multifunctional Scaffold bsed on Hydrogel-Incorporated Nanofiber"

Won Gun Koh (Yonsei Univ., Korea)

"Guided Bone/Bone-to-Tendon Regeneration by Growth Factor-Immobilized Asymmetrically Porous Membranes"

Jin Ho Lee (Hannam Univ., Korea)

"Chemical Tools and Tactics to Study Multiple Facets in Dementia"

Mi Hee Lim (KAIST, Korea)

"Understanding the Signalling Pathways in Light Evoked Responses from Neuronal Systems upon Photoexcitation of Semiconducting Polymer Substrates"

K. S. Narayan (JNCASR, India)

"Semiconductor Nanowires for Biology Applications"

Christelle Prinz (Lund Univ., Sweden)

"Mono- and Di-nuclear Iridium (III) Complexes with Tridentate Polypyridine Ligands as Theranostic Photodynamic Therapy Agents"

Wenfang Sun (North Dakota State Univ., USA)

"Stimulating Living Cells Using Organic Conducting Polymers –A New Lineof Communication"

Gordon Wallace (Univ. of Wollongong, Australia)

"Artificial Photosynthesis: Learning from Nature"

Dong Ryeol Whang (Johannes Kepler University Linz, Austria)

"Multichannel on-Scalp MEG based on High-Tc SQUID Magnetometers"

Dag Winkler (Chalmers Univ. of Tech., Sweden)

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